A large thatched house on an old terp ground. At this place was our old yard Hilligenbohl (courtyard of the saints) in the vicinity of the farms “Paradise”, “Godsend” and “Mountain of God”. Through our ambition to build a house with old materials with Frisian character, it was possible to make people think they are seeing an old property on a mound (or sometimes in lifestyle magazines). The apartments, each with its own exterior entrance, have everything that belongs to the conveniences of modern life: kitchen with dishwasher and oven, color TV, towels and linens.</p>
(space)<p>The interior complies with traditional culture of the North Sea with wall panels, ancient Dutch brick floors, beam ceilings and lattice windows. The furniture with farmers wardrobes, English chairs and comfortable sofas blends in with rural lifestyle.</p>
(space)<p>The property is located on a secluded road surrounded by fields. It shows with the big old orchard, the pond with fish and crustaceans, the meadows with the sheep and the beautiful old trees: here is rich farmland. We have a large garden with small separate sections into which you can retreat and think about why the farmers here have probably twice as much revenue as elsewhere. Children can dig in the sandbox – and they have a huge swing boat, as you can hardly find them at fairs.</p>
(space)<p>And if walking, swimming and breathing fresh air is not enough, you can make use of the beautiful large outhouse sauna, where you can look over the wide fields of Kleiseerkoog while lying in the warm. We wish you happy holidays on the yard Hilligenbohl!